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PRP As an Alternative Treatment to Shoulder Surgery

March 29, 2023

The shoulder is one of the most complex in our body. As we age, our mobility leads to painful osteoarthritis. Adults who join sports competitions or activities that overuse their shoulders may experience this condition. Thankfully, there is a solution like platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, which provides an alternative to shoulder surgery. 

Why Do You Get Osteoarthritis 

Don’t assume you can get away from the shoulder pain if you are still young or not a sports person. We all use our shoulders all day every day. The pain occurs as we continuously lose the cartilage placed at the end of the shoulder bones. This bone allows us to move our shoulders without any problem in any direction.

As the cartilage degrades, stiffness and pain occur. A healthcare professional will manage shoulder pain using traditional treatments but there are cases those methods are not successful. In this case, a shoulder replacement is suggested. 

Use PRP as An Alternative to Shoulder Surgery 

Doctors are becoming more aware of how our body helps with the healing process. The PRP delivers growth factors that improve and increase the cells that repair our bodies. A blood sample or bone marrow is taken from the patient to acquire the collection of platelets. It’s important that the kit is FDA-approved to make sure the collection is at the right amount to treat the shoulders effectively. 

The taken blood sample mixture is injected into the shoulder to facilitate the healing process and reconstruct the damaged cartilage. 

Benefits of PRP Therapy 

  • Lessen the need for traditional medications including anti-inflammatory and pain medications.
  • Reduce the side effects since the process uses your own blood and bone marrow
  • Helps slow down the development of arthritis by protecting the remaining cartilage
  • Use your own healing method to improve injuries and eliminate pain. 

Contact us at (410) 826-6528 if you have tried everything for your shoulder pain and nothing seems to work, and if you are looking for an alternative method to shoulder surgery.

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